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A few months ago we showed the opinion of Antonio Aldehuela, an executive at LG, regarding Sylex’s approach to teaching English. Today, Julio González, a colleague of Antonio’s, who also works at LG, shares his thoughts with us.

Testimony of English Student Julio González

1. Why did you decide to look for an English teacher?

Julio González: To improve my level of English for work reasons.

2. How did you hear about Sylex?

J.G.: Through a colleague.

3. Why did you decide to try Sylex?

J.G.: My colleague talked about how professional they are.

4. What do you think about their original learning method? Have you ever tried one similar to this?

J.G.: I find it very relevant and they are helping me improve my level of English. No, I’ve never tried one like this.

5. How do you feel you are progressing with English?

J.G.: I have noticed a significant improvement and I speak much more fluently.

6. Did Sylex adapt to meet your specific requirements as a student?

J.G.: It has always adapted to suit my needs.

7. What advice would you give Sylex?

J.G.: I think they should continue to evolve their teaching methods.

8. Would you recommend them to other people?

J.G.: Yes, in fact, I already have.

9. Would you work with Sylex again?

J.G.: Yes.


Complete, signed testimony. Testimony Sylex student Julio Gonzalez (PDF)

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