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To find out how satisfied one of our English students is, we asked her a few questions about the method we use. Here are her answers:

Testimony of English student, Beatriz Blázquez

1. Why did you decide to look for an English teacher?

Beatriz Blázquez: I need English for my job.

2. How did you hear about Sylex?

B.B.: Through an advertisement in Segunda Mano.

3. Why did you decide to try Sylex?

B.B.: I liked their method.

4. What do you think about their learning method?

B.B.: It is very varied and dynamic, the classes are entertaining and I don’t have to work hard at all.

5. How do you feel you are progressing with English?

B.B.: I think my level has improved and feel I am progressing quickly.

6. Did Sylex adapt to meet your specific requirements as a student?

B.B.: Yes, at all times.

7. What advice would you give Sylex?

B.B.: I would advise them not to change their method.

8. Would you recommend them to other people?

B.B.: Yes.

9. Would you work with Sylex again?

B.B.: Yes.


Complete, signed testimony. Testimony Sylex student Beatriz Blazquez (PDF)

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