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Professional Translations

Why does Sylex stand out from other translation companies?

The method we use is much more elaborate than that of most other firms and is tailored to meet your needs. As in all professions, there are levels, and at Sylex we are convinced that an inaccurate translation can damage the client’s brand and reputation. For this reason, no detail is too small to be considered. Don’t leave anything to chance. Work with professional translators.

Our bilingual translators have strong formal qualifications and are our most valued asset. We have many years of experience successfully carrying out large translation projects in a wide range of areas. We are demonstrably qualified to take on extremely complex assignments: technical, marketing, scientific, legal and medical translations, amongst others, in any sector.

interpretes-de-idiomasOther companies tend to cut corners, even if this means hiring translators that lack the necessary experience and knowledge. It is not uncommon for them to dedicate less time to reviewing the work carried out, which usually results in errors and inaccuracies.

We know how important it is for you that your translation is word perfect, as both your image and reputation are at stake. That is precisely the reason why we guarantee that with Sylex you’ll get the results you want. We commit 100% of our time and efforts to achieve this goal.

What languages are our translation services available in?

We offer translation services in any language you require:

  • Translations into French.
  • Translations into UK English.
  • Translations into US English.
  • Translations into German.
  • Translations into Portuguese.
  • Translations into Italian.
  • Translations into Dutch.
  • Translations into Greek.
  • Translations into Chinese.
  • Translations into Japanese.
  • Translations into Arabic.
  • Translations into Turkish.
  • Translations into Swedish.
  • Translations into Catalan.
  • Translations into Galician.

And many other languages (contact us for any other option, without any obligation).

What areas of translation do we work with?


Legal Translation

Legal translation refers to the translation of legal documents from one language to another (these are generally used by the legal professions). This is a particularly complicated task and should, therefore, only be translated by a specialised professional.

We translate a wide variety of text types including:

  • Contracts,
  • Agreements,
  • Legal papers,
  • Institutional and business correspondence,
  • Civil law documents,
  • Administrative documentation,
  • Regulatory texts of an international scope.


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