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Learn French in Madrid

We have native French teachers who will help you learn French quickly and easily.

We adapt to your goal, no matter what it is: planning to travel to France, Belgium, Canada or another French-speaking country; take official exams (DALF, DELF, etc.) or get promoted at work, etc. Find out more about our customised programme: Private French classes.

Learn English in Madrid

If you can’t get to grips with English that’s because you still haven’t tried Sylex’s unique method.

Now you can finally learn English with our bilingual teachers without using any monotonous study techniques. English will open up so many doors for you, not only professionally but also in terms of personnel growth. Find out more: Private English classes.

Learn Spanish in Madrid

We adapt to your needs whatever your goal is. Get to know the program: Spanish private lessons in Madrid.

Cours d’espagnol à Madrid

Sylex s’adapte à vous besoins afin de vous enseigner l’espagnol le plus rapidement possible: Cours d’espagnol à Madrid.

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