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At SYLEX, our translation and interpretation agency, we have a large professional team of simultaneous, consecutive and liaison interpreters comprising a great deal of knowledge in a variety of sectors such as: aeronautics, agri-food industry, chemistry, petrochemistry, metallurgy, transportation, electricity, office automation, mining, environment, ecology, public works, satellites, telephony, construction, railways and mechanics, etc.

interpreteIf you are looking for a reliable interpreter and translator, that are both experienced and responsive, and who will guarantee the service is correctly carried out, you have come to the right place. The main aim of our team of interpreters is to provide greater value so that you can carry out your activity (be this corporate or personal) without any language barriers to hold you back. We aim to make your business simpler and more comfortable at a price that is both competitive and affordable.


Bilingual interpreters in all languages

What are you looking for? At SYLEX you will find an ideal professional in the language you require:

  • Interpretation into French.
  • Interpretation into UK English.
  • Interpretation into US English.
  • Interpretation into German.
  • Interpretation into Portuguese.
  • Interpretation into Italian.
  • Interpretation into Dutch.
  • Interpretation into Arabic.
  • Interpretation into Catalan.
  • Interpretation into Basque.
  • Interpretation into Galician.
  • And many other languages (contact us for any other option, without any obligation).

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Simultaneous, Consecutive and Liaison Interpretation

What are the differences between simultaneous, consecutive and liaison interpretation?


This is carried out at conferences, meetings, seminaries, etc. The interpreter works inside a sound-proof booth and gives a real-time translation of what the speakers are saying. The participants can then understand what is said in their own language using headphones.


This is carried out at press conferences, acts of protocol, courses, etc. The interpreter is located close to speaker and takes notes of what is said. Every now and then (a period of minutes that is agreed to beforehand), the translator repeats what the speaker has said in the corresponding language.


Face-to-face translation is between two or more people where the interpreter repeats to each speaker what the other is saying. This is also known as ad-hoc interpretation.


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