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Learning French

French Classes in Madrid

  • Would you like to read, write and speak French better than ever?
  • Have you tried everything but nothing worked?
  • Do you just find it too hard?
  • We’ll coach you so that you can finally learn French! The Coach you need to surpass yourself each day.

We don’t give “traditional” French classes, we study the requirements and characteristics of each person (their likes, personality, strengths and weaknesses) so that they can make the most of each class and really take advantage proactively and dynamically.



  • You’ll learn more quickly.
  • You’ll have fun while you learn.
  • You’ll get to know the culture of the country.
  • You’ll have the confidence to speak in any situation.
  • Your exam results will improve.

To guarantee you learn successfully we take into account the following factors:

  • How you communicate
  • How you best assimilate information
  • Your weaknesses with the language
  • And we’ll create a programme that is tailor-made to suit you.

From €25 a class!
Get in touch today and we’ll draw up a customised quote.

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Our Aim

We teach the language chiefly taking into account the individual characteristics of each person as well as their personality, the way they communicate, their interest in learning the language in question and the goals they have set themselves. Each person learns in a different way, that is to say some people are more aural, others more visual and, lastly, others more sensitive.

It is important to know how we best assimilate information when learning, as this will help us obtain better results when we begin classes. Once an evaluation has been carried out an individual programme is drawn up for each student based on their learning abilities and working to correct their weak points so that, little by little, these can become strengths.

We adopt an overall approach when teaching a language, which is to say, that you learn to read, write and speak this language and, to achieve this goal, a natural language learning method is used. We also teach you about French culture making the learning process much more interesting, as not only are you learning the language but you are learning about another culture as well.


Private French Classes in Madrid

Our private French teachers travel to different parts of Madrid to give classes at home for the convenience of the student or students.

These services are available in the following areas:

  • French Classes in Majadahonda
  • French Classes in Pozuelo de Alarcón
  • French Classes in Boadilla del Monte
  • French Classes in Aravaca

If your neighbourhood is not on the list and you are looking for a native French teacher to teach you French in the way that best suits you, call us and tell us what you need. We will do all we can to offer you a solution that will allow you to learn French easily. Don’t forget that we also prepare students planning to sit official French exams (DALF, DELF, etc.).

If there are a few of you in Majadahonda, Pozuelo de Alarcón, Boadilla del Monte or Aravaca that would like to learn French together, special prices are available. Don’t waste any more time and get in touch today! Being able to speak French fluently and write correctly will open up many doors for you. Ask for a quote, with no obligations.

Studygroup relaxing in beanbags while doing school work.

French Courses for all Needs

We adapt to suit your needs.

  • For children and adults.
  • For professionals (technical French).
  • To prepare exams (DALF, DELF, etc.).
  • To make speeches.
  • To practise conversation.
  • For Erasmus students in France, Belgium and Luxembourg that need intensive French courses.


One student: €30/hour.
Two or three students: €25/hour per person.
Four or more students: Please contact us for a price. Large discounts available for groups.

Student Testimonies on Sylex’s private French classes in the home

Extract from a questionnaire filled out by Natalia Escrucería:

Sylex adapts to suit my needs. I’m interested in passing official French exams (the DELF above all) and the teacher takes this into account when preparing my classes.

Natalia Escrucería, Sylex French language student.
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Extract from a questionnaire filled out by Iciar García:

There is a huge difference between the level of French I had on my first day of class and the level I have now. I’m really happy to see how much I have improved and how well I now master French.

Iciar García, Sylex French language student.
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Extract from a questionnaire filled out by David Benítez:

I think it’s a very good learning method. It’s not just about learning rules but also about learning how to speak, correct, general culture, etc.

David Benítez, Sylex French language student.
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Extract from a questionnaire filled out by Diego Soro

I have made great progress learning French; I’m really satisfied, no doubt at all

Diego Soro, Sylex French language student
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Extract from a questionnaire filled out by Sergio Girón

The method of learning is flexible, dynamic, entertaining and effective.

Sergio Girón, Sylex French language student.
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