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English and French Classes for Companies in Madrid

  • We’re not teachers: We’re LANGUAGE COACHES

Language coaches are more than just teachers: they are personal trainers that help students understand and master a new language making the most of their strong points and eliminating little by little any psychological obstacles they may have set up.

If you have never tried Language Coaching you’ll immediately notice the difference in comparison with more traditional language learning methods.

Language Coach Experience and Professionalism

We have more than 10 years experience working with hundreds of students at all levels.

We have customised our language coaching classes to meet company needs and to familiarise both employees and managers with technical English or French in their specific area of work. Sylex specialises is a wide variety of areas:

  • English/French for Business/Marketing/Finance
  • English/French for the Scientific/Medical/Pharmaceutical Sector
  • English/French for the Legal Sector
  • English/French for the Technical/Engineering Sector
  • English/French for the Audiovisual Sector
  • Tell us what your company needs. We’re here to listen.

We offer different alternatives to cover all your company’s needs as well as a wide range of goals.

Our Proposal

clases grupo para empresas>Language Coaching in Groups

We train your company’s staff members adapting to each different level. Personalised proposals adapted to the conditions of each company; the level, number of students, class location, etc.


clase ingles para empresas> Individual Language Coaching

To offer an even more specialised service, private classes can be organised for each of your company’s workers.

We teach languages taking into account the individual characteristics of each person which is why we carry out an evaluation before starting the classes. We study the student’s personality, how they communicate, the goals they have set themselves and, of course, their level of the language. It is important to bear in mind that each person has a preferred way of learning, some tend to be more auditory, others more visual or more sensitive.

At SYLEX we know how to adapt to each different student which is why we are more successful than other academies or private teachers. We use people’s strengths as a base and correct their weaknesses.


Why should your company be interested?

Here are some of the reasons why it is essential to master foreign languages these days if you want your company to improve its quality and boost profits.

Learning English and/or French will help any professional find all the information and documentation they need on any subject as they will be able to consult sources of information only available in another language.

Extend your knowledge and network of contacts. Speaking languages opens up interesting business opportunities to expand your company’s services.

Not having a good enough level in a foreign language can mean you lose potential clients. What’s more, your business trips will be so much easier without the stress caused by problems related to language barriers. It would be a shame to miss out on business opportunities just because you don’t know the language.

Language learning should be a challenge and an incentive for self-improvement and to reach new professional goals and stop worrying about looking ridiculous in a conversation. Or simply a question of pride, of overcoming limitations to open up new doors.

Work Space

Ideally your company will have a room available where the class can be given as this is much more comfortable for both the students and the teacher; however, if this is not the case we can offer you a space in Majadahonda.

Where do we work?

Sylex’s teaching staff carries out classes in the home in the following areas:

  • Madrid Capital (please contact us for a quote)
  • Majadahonda
  • Pozuelo de Alarcón
  • Boadilla del Monte
  • Aravaca
  • Las Rozas
  • Please contact us for other areas



To ensure a top-quality service that will lead to effective, noticeable results, the classes must be booked for a minimum of one month (4 classes of 1 hour).
Nevertheless, as professionals, we recommend students attend a minimum of 4 classes of 1 hour 30 minutes each month.


  • Private classes for one student: €35/class (one hour).
  • Classes to groups of two students: €30/class (one hour).
  • Classes to groups of three or more students: €25/class (one hour).


Our Clients Opinions

Each day more and more companies are realising the importance of having a good English level, if they want to progress professionally and grow as an enterprise.

One example is LG, the well-known company, which currently relies on Sylex for its employees’ English classes.

Here are some of the testimonials:

I like the way they teach, it is based on a participatory approach which encourages you to work and learn […] I’m making good progress and I’m very happy.

Antonio Aldehuela, LG executive and Sylex English language student.
Read the whole testimony

I decided to learn English with Sylex because of their method, enthusiasm and dynamism.

Francisco Ramírez, LG executive and Sylex English language student..
Read the whole testimony

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