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Learning English

English Classes in Madrid

  • Do you need to perfect your English?
  • Or pass an official exam?
  • Or maybe you think you’re just no good at languages?
  • Your level doesn’t improve with traditional language teachers? What you need is a language coach!

We adapt to suit you because we know each person is different and has their own concerns, skills and priorities. That’s why it’s important you tell us about yourself. What’s your goal? We’ll assess your specific case and get down to work. You can finally learn English easily in an entertaining, convenient way.


Aprender inglés


  • Learn quickly
  • Have fun while you learn
  • Improve your oral English
  • Pass official exams


We take into account the following factors to guarantee your success and create a programme that is tailor-made for you,

  • How you communicate.
  • How you best process information.
  • Your strengths and weaknesses.

From €25 a class!
Contact us for a tailor-made quote.

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Our Objective

We teach English taking into account the individual characteristics of each student which is why we evaluate each person before starting the classes. We study the student’s personality, how they communicate, the goals they have set themselves and, of course, their level of the language. It is important to bear in mind that each person has a preferred way of learning, some tend to be more auditory, others more visual or more sensitive.

At Sylex we know how to adapt to each different student which is why we are more successful than other academies or private teachers. We offer top-quality English classes in your own home. A teenager hoping to pass an exam cannot possibly follow the same learning method as a business executive who wishes to improve their technical English so as to get a better job, as each one has different skills and different aims.

Profesores de inglés en Madrid

English Private Classes in Madrid

Our private English teachers travel to different parts of Madrid to give classes at home for the convenience of the student or students.

  • English Classes in Majadahonda.
  • English Classes in Pozuelo de Alarcón.
  • English Classes in Boadilla del Monte.
  • English Classes in Aravaca.

If your neighbourhood is not on the list and you need a native teacher to teach you English in the way that best suits you, contact us right away.

Aprender inglés fácil

English Courses for all Needs

We adapt to suit your needs.

  • For children.
  • For adults.
  • Exam preparation (FCE, CAE, etc.)
  • Conversation practise.
  • For Erasmus students in the UK, Ireland, Malta, etc. or those that need intensive English courses.


One student: €30/hour.
Two or three students: €25/hour per person.
Four or more students: Please contact us for a price. Large discounts available for groups.

Student Testimonies on Sylex’s private English classes in the home.

Some of our students speak freely about our work method and their personal progress.

Extract from a questionnaire filled out by Beatriz Blázquez:

Sylex’s teaching method is varied and very dynamic, the classes are entertaining and I don’t have to work hard at all. […] I think my level has improved and feel I am progressing quickly.

Beatriz Blázquez, Sylex English language student.
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Clases de inglés opiniones

LG, the well known company, relies on Sylex for its employees’ English classes. Just like them, each day more and more companies are realising the importance of having a good level of English, if they want to progress professionally and grow as an enterprise.

Below are some extracts of testimonies given by LG executives that study English with Sylex:

I like the way they teach, it is based on a participatory approach which encourages you to work and learn […] I’m making good progress and I’m very happy.


Antonio Aldehuela, Sylex English language student
Read the whole testimony

I have noticed a significant improvement and I speak much more fluently. […] Sylex has always adapted to suit my needs.


Julio González, Sylex English language student.
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